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How does live resin work?

Cannabis concentrates are frequently referred to or characterized according to various textures or consistencies. For example, some cannabis concentrates are waxy, some are thick and gooey like batter, some are hard and brittle like shatter, while others are sauce-like. Live resin is a more pliable concentration that is, by definition. It’s a waxy sauce that is neither too dry nor too wet, not exactly like taffy.

However, it can also be pale yellow or even white. Its color is normally dark yellow. You’ll need a dab tool to handle it because, like all cannabis concentrates, it is very sticky.

Customers adore live resins for their rich smells and aromas that remain from the original plant, even though they tend to be high with a lot of THC.

ways to create live resin.

Live resin sets itself apart from other cannabis concentrates because it is made from freshly frozen cannabis—plants that are frozen as soon as they are harvested and chopped down. These plants don’t go through the drying, curing, or trimming stages of harvesting; instead, they are kept frozen throughout the extraction process.

Terpenes, the plant’s flavor and aroma chemicals can be severely harmed by the drying and curing processes that cannabis plants often go through. Trichomes cover buds and the surrounding foliage, and they contain terpenes.

Moisture and chlorophyll depart the plant as it dries and cures. As a result, trichomes may be exposed to heat, oxygen, and light, all of which can cause terpene degradation. Trichomes also have a propensity to break off a plant when handled and moved during harvest.

The cannabis plant’s valuable terpene profile, authentic flavor, and scent are retained in live resin by freezing the plant as soon as it is harvested, ensuring that the end product has all of these qualities.

Frozen plants are harvested and then subjected to a solvent extraction procedure employing butane, propane, or another solvent.

Following harvest, follow these methods to make live resin:

plant material should be frozen.
Take the oil out
to transform into live resin
Temperatures below freezing are maintained for the duration of the extraction procedure for the plants. Live resin is frequently roasted in a vacuum oven after extraction. It can be sold in its current form or added to carts for vape pens.

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