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what is live rosin?

THCa, the acidic cannabinoid that transforms into THC when heated, is used to create live resin diamonds. And THCa crystals start to develop on the bottom of the container. This happens when live resin is allowed to separate under specific conditions for several weeks, leaving a semi-viscous liquid layer on top. what is live rosin

THCa diamonds are frequently dabbed with a high-terpene mix (the top of the separated material) drizzled over top. Thus, producing a strong, aromatic concentration that is unlike any other. This concentrate is regarded as one of the most potent and fragrant of all concentrate types.

Whether you want it to or not, the separation of terpenes and diamonds occurs spontaneously to some extent. This substance is referred to as resin “sauce.” This is just a blend of sticky high-terpene extract and tiny THCa crystals that has been partially separated. In essence, Pleasantrees’ Liquid Diamonds are sauce carts, but we take special precautions to guarantee that there is as little separation as possible.

Dark yellow is often the color of live resin. However, depending on the producer, certain living resins may have a fluid viscosity, while others may be more solid or waxy. Live resin is extremely sticky in its first, natural state. Live resin-branded goods frequently have a wide range of viscosities, including saps, sugars, jellies, butters, and even more solid shatters.

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