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In this Runtz/Packwoods collaboration, 20 premium Runtz indoor flowers are combined with 0.25g of Runtz Kief and 0.25g of premium Runt nugrun sauce.

Purple Runtz from Packwood

Runtz Partnership

One of the most uncommon and sought-after cannabis strains is runtz. Runtz, a hybrid of gelato and zkittles, gets its name from both its vibrant look and its sugary-sweet flavor.

The Packwoods X Runtz pre-rolls contain two grams of Original Runtz, White Runtz, or Pink Runtz flower that has been wrapped in Packwoods 100% tobacco-free wrap, powdered with keit, and fitted with an advanced glass filter.

Purple Runtz Blunts, a Packwood signature style

Our original Packwood blunts are made with two grams of lab-tested, hand-broken, quality flower. Ithas a high potency concentrate, dusted with kef, and wrapped in a wrap made entirely of tobacco-free materials. They also have a designed glass filter. Purple Runtz Packwood

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