Hybrid Strains

The heritage marijuana naming system uses the welcoming, catch-all term “hybrid,” which encompasses both sativa and indica strains. It’s an outdated, straightforward system, but it serves a purpose. Our consumer regularly describes the same effects from the hybrid strain and form preferences for particular strains and kinds.
Because they offer such a wide range in appearance, flavor, and effect—from the mood-stabilizing green of Blue Dream to the calming purple bling of Runtz—hybrid cannabis strains are the most often used. Many breeders give a hybrid strain careful thought from start to finish. You might spend years researching the cannabis hybrid category because it is so large.

Our list of the top hybrid strains combines a variety of widely accessible and well-regarded varieties. We also adore hybrid strains with a predominance of one type over the other, such as sativa- or indica-dominant hybrids.

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