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Airheads Extreme 
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Both of their versions of their edibles are available. It is a member of the sedative or hypnotic drug class. It distributes stiiizy cartridges, which function as an anti-convulsant, sedative, and muscle relaxant. Both variants of this generic medicine are offered. Some people might use it solely for relaxation or to intensify the sedative effects brought on by other medications.
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Airheads Xtremes Candy Packaging Model No.
Size 103*103mm, 22g, and 5 flavors
5 Colors in One
Transportation Container Packaging Branded Airheads Bags

Monthly Production Capacity: 3000000

Product Description of Airheads Candy

Packaging for 400mg Airheads Xtremes edible sweets evidence of the warheads’ scent bowling empty candy packages of edibles plastic bags Free delivery.



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