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Krypto Chronic

Krypto Chronic is a hybrid marijuana strain created by the breeder Compound Genetics. It is also known as “Crypto Chronic” or “Kryptochronic.” Alien Cookies strain, Fruity Pebbles Original, and Jet Fuel Gelato are all crossed. But Marijuana Krypto Chronic has a rich, bittersweet flavor and a fruity, berry, sweet, creamy, and gasoline funk aroma. Additionally, coffee, plum, and even tobacco notes have been observed by our users. For advanced users, expect extremely high THC effects; they may become simultaneously energized, content, and calm. But Krypto Chronic cannabis is used by some patients to treat their sadness, pain, and anxiety.

Krypto Chronic is all about strengthening your bonds, whether you’re hanging out with pals, that particular someone, or alone. You may open your heart and mind in ways you never imagined possible with to this fruity yet creamy strain, which also stimulates your senses. With this strain, it’s difficult to be anything other than euphoric, regardless of what you learn about yourself or other people. Purchase alien cookies strain here.

Significant Terpenes, Flavors, and Aromas

Krypto Chronic’s fragrance characteristic is amazing. Caryophyllene is responsible for the strong aromas that are reminiscent of tea and just-peeled oranges. It is myrcene that gives cigarettes their characteristic violet-like odor. The smell of ripe pears is distinctively brought in by pellandrene.

Krypto Chronic’s General Effects and Applications

As a traditional hybrid, this marijuana gives users a harmonious blend of calming and energetic effects. People are in a state of ecstasy, and their spirits soar to new levels of joy. An energy boost that comes along with this mood encourages consumers to focus on their work and other responsibilities. This emotional high is eventually followed by a physically sedating and thoroughly relaxing high.

After consuming Krypto Chronic, patients with the following mental and physical problems may see benefits:

spasms of muscles
Parkinson’s condition
Painful phantom limb
Alzheimer’s condition
Hyperactive/attention-deficit disorder


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