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This energizing combination between Apple Fritter and Runtz, with flavors reminiscent of crunchy Granny Smith and sweet Honeycrisp, is sure to enchant. reminiscent of those gigantic wonderfully green, perfectly ripened apples from your youth that were crisp and energizing. Sour and sour, sharp and enlivening. The metaphorical apple here, however, doesn’t fall far from either side of the tree, as the Runtz lends the Apple Tartz an unexpected sweetness that lasts for just a brief moment.

Additionally, the combination of these two flavor characteristics results in a diesel/gas overtone that is tangy and energizing as well as a subtle floral note that keeps you tasting and guessing. No flavor profile is left out in this combination. The strain seems like a true hybrid, with the high occasionally leaning ever-so-slightly sativa. It is uplifting and energizing while also being smooth and concentrated. It’s good for breakfast.

Some people pick up hints of cinnamon spice and identify resemblance to cookie dough or Apple Jacks cereal. Beautiful strain Apple Tartz is guaranteed to catch your eye, and its balanced, hybrid euphoric effects are calming. It works well for both casual evenings and early-morning wake-and-bakes. The Leafly Strain for Summer 2022 is called Apple Tartz.


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