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History and genetics of the strawberry banana

Strawberry Banana is the name of an indica-leaning hybrid created by breeders DNA Genetics in partnership with Serious Seeds, even though it looks like a flavor combination better suited to a morning smoothie. Bubblegum and Banana kush strain were crossed to create Strawberry Banana, a delicious hybrid. This strain is extremely well-liked on the west coast of the United States thanks to its all-around likable flavor and laid-back, mellow high.
And to top it all off, Strawberry Banana flowers have routinely tested positive for THC levels ranging from 17% to 23%, according to cannabis testing lab Analytical 360. 2018 saw Emerald Cannabis Worx LLC get in touch with Wikileaf to report on the findings of their lab testing by Green Leaf Labs. A staggering 32.61% Total THC was claimed in the report for their Strawberry Banana version.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Small to medium-sized Strawberry Banana flowers maintain a tight, dense bud structure; the tightly packed leaves are difficult to separate from their central stems. The leaves themselves have a light green appearance with a yellowish undertone, and their bright orange pistils stand out. Purple flecks can also be seen in some phenotypes of this strain as a result of the plant’s genetic pigments being enhanced by colder-than-average growing conditions. The blooms’ high THC content is due to a hairy layer of white trichomes that covers them. Order banana kush strain here.

Flowers from this breed taste more like a banana than a strawberry after they have been properly cured. The OG Kush roots of this strain are revealed when the buds are broken apart or ground. When burned, Strawberry Banana produces a smooth, effortless smoke with a distinct berry flavor on the exhale. In addition, Strawberry Banana is extremely aromatic. So those intending to consume it covertly should exercise caution even if it may leave behind a pleasant, creamy sensation.


Strawberry Banana is a high that develops gradually. Frequently requiring several minutes after smokers have enjoyed its distinctive flavor to completely manifest its effects. Users may eventually experience heightened sensory perception and the impression that some sights or sounds have a psychedelic quality. These surreal, but not fully cerebral, effects may be ideal for long walks or hikes as well as the pleasure of subdued music and movies. This strain’s initial mental effects are quickly surpassed by its potent indica relaxing.

Smokers often seek out the coziest surroundings nearby to relax. Throughout the high, associative thinking continues and may encourage original thought and problem-solving. A common side effect of the high is couch lock. Strawberry Banana is most effective when used in the evening or at night because of its gradual sedative impact.

Patients who use cannabis for medical purposes can also benefit greatly from this strain. People who suffer from anxiety or depression could experience momentary alleviation due to their senses being stimulated. Patients with attention deficit problems can also benefit from Strawberry Banana’s continuous sense of focus. Both mild and severe aches and pains can be relieved by its calming indica effects. The drawbacks include common side effects including dry mouth and dry eyes.


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