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Banana Puddintain

A genetic combination between Banana OG and GMO produced the hybrid cannabis strain known as Banana Puddintain. With 27% THC, Banana Puddintain is the perfect strain for seasoned cannabis users. Customers report feeling comfortable, tingling, and uplifted after consuming banana pudding. Patients who use medical marijuana frequently select Banana Puddintain to treat the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Banana Puddintain, a variety created by Swamp Boys Seeds, has flavors of sweet, tree fruit, and ammonia. This strain’s predominant terpene is limonene. Leave a strain review if you’ve smoked, dabbed, or otherwise eaten Banana Puddintain to share your thoughts. Order banana og strain here.

The thick layer of trichomes that covers each bud on Banana Puddintain nearly hides its stunning green and purple coloring. As the name suggests, the earthy, banana-scented, trichome-covered blossoms of this plant have a slight sweetness to them. Patients say that after taking banana pudding, they feel inspired, happy, and euphoric.

Potential symptom treatment includes the following: relief from anxiety, weariness, pain, headache & migraine, and muscle tension.

The energizing sensation of the Banana Puddintain high starts in the back of the head and neck and hits you nearly as soon as you exhale. Your entire body will soon feel the warmth tendrils of this buzzing, lulling you into a completely relaxed physical state that occasionally feels stoney. Your mind will start to elevate into a pure blissful tingle state that is unfocused and euphoric as your body settles. These effects make banana Puddintain a fantastic option for treating chronic stress, inflammation, chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, and depression due to its exceptionally high 27–30% average THC level.


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