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An evaluation of Blue Meanies mushrooms

A magic mushroom known as Panaeolus cyanecens is called Blue Meanies. It is renowned for having strong and hallucinatory effects. When compared to other strains, this one has a two-fold increase in strength. After consuming Blue Meanies, the consumer will begin to feel its effects 10 to 30 minutes later. You will notice an improved mood, excitement, and exhilaration just a short while after taking this mushroom.

Depending on the dosage, Blue Meanies has various effects. New users should begin with a modest dose and progressively increase it as their bodies adjust. You’ll have a fantastic experience with Blue Meanies that will make you feel better. Depending on the dosage, you may experience modest to strong visual enhancements. You will enter an altered state after eating this mystical mushroom that will make you feel as though everything is breathing and spinning around you. You will feel more alive and be drawn into introspective pondering by this sensation.

Both novice and experienced users should choose Blue Meanies. The high from this mushroom will leave the user feeling euphoric, convulsively funny, physically energized, synthetized, stimulated visually, and colorful. This fungus has a wide range of uses and powerful effects that stay longer.


This magic mushroom is thought to have originated in southeast Australia. It thrives in a hot, tropical environment. The name “Blue Meanies” comes from the intense blue bruises that occur when you touch the fruiting body of the mushroom. Additionally, the bruising is a sign of high psilocin and psilocybin levels. The effects are stronger the more blue the mushroom is.

The fruiting bodies of this magic mushroom range in size from medium to giant. It features a head with white spots and a thick to dense stem. This mushroom has above-average potency, moderate yields, and moderate sporulation. It gives you a bright, euphoric high that causes visual hallucinations.

The flavor of Blue Meanies is mild and less disagreeable than that of other mushroom types. This mushroom is becoming more well-liked and gets positive reviews. While the higher end reaches up to 7 grams, the lower dosage ranges from 2.5 to 4 grams. Beginner users should start with a smaller dosage and increase it while still paying attention to their body’s restrictions.

You will feel better after using this mushroom because of the entire amazing experience. After 30 minutes of consumption, you will experience the high, which will continue for roughly 8 hours. Regular frequency peaks will be experienced, followed by a psychotropic and euphoric high. The consumption of this mystical mushroom causes a powerful body buzz that leaves you feeling euphoric, convulsing with laughter, and experiencing visual hallucinations.

Effect Blue Meanies mushrooms

The consequences of Blue Meanies are more powerful and persistent. You will experience an amazing voyage in your mind after eating this fungus. After intake, you won’t feel anything in your body for 30 minutes until feeling euphoric. With an average peaking frequency that lasts for hours, the high starts off strong. This mushroom’s potent effects will cause hallucinatory symptoms, and you won’t be able to comprehend what is going on around you.

You’ll feel happy, energized, social, creative, calm, and uplifted after eating this miraculous mushroom. This’ll make you experience excitement and visual hallucinations as the high intensifies. You’ll feel more alive after experiencing this, and you’ll be able to think more clearly. Depending on the dosage you take, these effects may last anywhere between six and eighteen hours.


You can use this fungus recreationally or medicinally. This strain gives off a cerebral high with potential medical applications. You can escape anxiety and stressful situations by entering an imaginative world thanks to the psychedelic effects. The mood-enhancing properties of this mushroom may also be used to treat anxiety and despair.



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