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About Blueberry Bomb 

Blueberry Bomb is a hybrid strain developed by crossing the traditional Blueberry X Afghani strains, with a modest indica dominance (55% indica/45% sativa). Due to its extraordinarily exquisite flavor and incredibly calming high, this celebrity offspring is a favorite among both breeders and patients. With a hint of sour citrus flavor on the exhale, Blueberry Bomb delivers an explosion of sweet and delicious sugary blueberry notes, as its name suggests. Fresh, luscious blueberries, earthy earth, and tart, crisp citrus is all present in the scent, which is equally as delightful. The Blueberry Bomb has an insidious effect on you, infiltrating your body gradually before taking hold.

A slight tingling sensation in the back of the neck and spine signals the beginning of the effect, which spreads warm relaxation throughout your entire body and lulls you into a beautiful physical stoned state of total tranquility and ease. As your body relaxes, your mind will start to do the same, leaving you feeling at peace and perhaps asleep. These effects give Blueberry Bomb an advantage in the treatment of diseases including chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleeplessness when combined with its high 19% + average THC level. This bud has small icy, blue-tinted white crystal trichomes on top of heart-shaped fluffy bright neon green nugs with blue overtones, thin orange hairs, and thin orange hairs.


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