California Honey Carts and Disposables


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California Honey Carts and Disposables


California Honey Disposable Vape Pen Specification:

Oil Hole: x4 2.0 mm

Colors: Black and white

Tank Size: 1.0 ML

Round-tipped SCREW as the mouthpiece

Better to finish the extraction within if the battery is rechargeable.

8 varieties

random delivery of strains

California Honey Cartridge Specifications:

Oil Hole: x4 2.0 mm

1.0ML/0.8ML Tank Capacity

Copper mouthpiece

include boxes, stickers, and cartridges

The cartridge is packaged in foam.

Every cartridge is already filled.

8 distinct varieties of new 1g Californian Honey carts are available.

Ice Cream Cake, Candy Land, Super, Lemon Haze, Fruit Punch, Wedding Cake, Chemtato, Georgia Pie, Strawnanna

But Carts from Californian Honey contain 10% organic terpenes generated from plants and 1g of premium cannabis THC oil.

**Please take note**. Please be sure to include any specific instructions in the order notes or message to avoid delaying the purchase. But if not, we will choose a fruity flavor at random for you.

We only use cannabis that has been cultivated entirely organically, and we only buy it from reliable farms in our network. So, we extract high-quality oil from sub-critical liquid carbon dioxide and refine it solely with heat and pressure. But for a totally unique vaping experience, the golden finished product is blended with natural terpenes and fruit extracts.

Anxiety, arthritis, depression, inflammation, insomnia, pain, and stress can all be helped by THC oil. But it Reduces Stress, relieves headaches, boosts self-esteem, and relieves stress and exhaustion. So as an alternative, purchase sauce bar disposables at discount pricing.

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