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A Brief History & Genetics of Cereal Milk

People’s ideas on drinking milk from your cereal bowl are usually very divisive. However, almost everyone gives a strong recommendation for the enigmatic strain known as Cereal Milk. This balanced strain, developed in California by Cookies, is frequently smoked on relaxing weekend days for the perfect blend of happiness and relaxation. Some people might not think Cereal Milk is particularly potent, but if you’re a beginner smoker, the 23% THC high might likely knock you out. The Snowman and Y Life cross produced this strain. Order cereal milk strain from us at affordable prices.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Each large nug has a dark olive color that is accentuated by minty tones, and it is substantial in size. She has a lot of dark hair, and she has good trichome coverage. Cereal Milk is frequently preferred for her amazing aroma and flavors, which have a creamy and fruity sweetness and a faint herbal undertone. This one is for you if you like strains with a dessert-like flavor.


Depending on your tolerance level, cereal milk may be both the weekend miracle and a fantastic way to get through the workday. Her high is praised by many users as being exceptionally well-balanced. This is so by combining a relaxed mentality with just the right amount of vigor. If they are feeling extremely unmotivated, artists may really like this strain. If you’re a seasoned marijuana user, this strain may provide you the concentration you need. But keep in mind that you might also feel a mildly sedating bliss. Which might make this strain more suitable for weekends only.

The majority of hybrid strains, including Cereal Milk, are excellent for medicinal purposes. Many find that she’s perfect for treating conditions like anxiety and depression because she often gives consumers a happy mental attitude. This covert bud may also provide aid for those who require assistance overcoming bodily issues. It has been suggested that cereal milk is a fantastic approach to prevent migraines. And a generalized discomfort brought on by a range of different medical conditions.


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