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History & genetics of cheese

The well-known strain Cheese has its roots in the UK. The variety is an unusual female variation of Skunk #1, an indica-sativa mix between Afghani and Columbian Gold (sativa). Between 1988 and 1989 saw its debut, and it was soon duplicated and passed down. The original strain is only available as a clone because it is a female phenotype, but other breeders have reproduced it in seed form by mating a female Cheese with other indica strains.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

According to reports, cheese has a distinct cheddar flavor and aroma. It has a strong earthy, bitter, and slightly sour flavor. The pistils of cheese nits are typically slender and wispy orange.

Effects cheese strain

Despite being predominantly indica, the strain reportedly hits quickly and strongly. Users initially feel happier and more euphoric, which is followed by a strong body-numbing high that makes them hungrier. A few people claim to be more creative than drowsy or exhausted, however the sedative indica effect is probably the most potent and causes a couchlock. Cottonmouth, giggles, and bloodshot eyes are some of the side effects.
People who struggle with stress and anxiety frequently utilize this strain since it has the sativa’s mood-lifting effects. Chronic aches and pains are relieved by the heavy body melt. Many people find it helpful for treating insomnia. People who need to improve their appetite frequently eat cheese.


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