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Regarding Chemdawg 91

Popular hybrid Chemdawg 91 strain was developed from unidentified parents; but some believe the “91” in its moniker refers to the year it was born. It is a descendant of the fabled Chemdawg strain, which American East Coast breeders are supposed to have mated with landraces from Nepal and Thailand. Although Chemdawg 91’s phenotypes can fluctuate between indica– and sativa-dominant, its THC content is substantial and has been recorded as high as 24%.

The average-sized and extremely sticky buds of Chemdawg 91 are. The brownish-green blooms are covered in trichomes, making it difficult to shatter them without a grinder. The strain has an earthy, dank aroma that becomes harsher and skunkier as buds are split apart (leading some to propose parentage from a Skunk strain). Chemdawg 91 burns with a distinctively chemical, diesel flavor. Smooth citrus notes can be tasted when exhaling the smoke. Pinene content in Chemdawg is high, for your terpene nerds.


The pressure behind the temples can cause dry, red eyes, and the strain has a first bracing head high. Users describe feeling euphoric and becoming increasingly analytical. The perception of time slowing down can be part of this altered thinking. A slight bodily high that continues after comedown matches the upbeat mental effects. Chemdawg 91 may be most effective when used in the early evening because it is particularly helpful for reducing tension.

This strain, whether grown indoors or outdoors, has a pungency that makes discretion challenging. Chemdawg 91 is a slow-growing strain with a 9–10-week indoor flowering period and an early November outdoor harvest. Plant yields range from average to high. The parent strain of Chemdawg 91 has produced well-known standard strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel, thus it is in good company. This is a strong strain for recreational use that is both bold and balanced.


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