Packwoods x Big Al’s -Frozen Cherry lemonade


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Packwoods x Big Al’s – Frozen Cherry lemonade

This Packwoods x Big Al’s cherry lemonade Exotics Collaboration contains 2g of Premium Indoor Big Al’s Flower, dusted in 0.25g Kief and Infused with Panacea Extract. cherry lemonade strain

About The Strain

Is a sativa-dominant cross between Cherry Pie OG and Jack the Ripper. It produces a lot of resin, has high yields, and has a deliciously fruity terpene profile.

This is a strain that grows equally well indoors and outdoors. Though it prefers organic cultivation techniques and being topped early in growth. It can also be used with SCROG and other training methods. Despite being structurally strong, training will not only provide more light exposure but will also prevent branches from snapping in the event of super-heavy bud development. cherry lemonade strain

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cherry lemonadePackwoods x Big Al’s -Frozen Cherry lemonade