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The History & Genetics of the Mimosa

Purple Punch and clementine strain were combined in 2017 to create the sativa-dominant (70/30) Mimosa strain. Since then, it has progressively gained popularity among both fans of its namesake beverage and non-fans alike who can handle a fruity cocktail containing up to 27% THC.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Olive-green, tiny, thick, and rounded buds develop on the plant. The buds are covered in a thick covering of dark amber hairs, and the white trichomes glitter. When you wake up tired and lack the motivation to get going, mimosa is excellent for boosting your energy (and real mimosas are unavailable). It has the same sour-sweet, berry-like, tropical citrus and citrus flavor without the headache. In fact, if you consume your drinks in plant form, you might even lose the headache you already have. Please be advised that many users of this strain, even seasoned ones, report having extremely dry mouths. Drink plenty of water while enjoying your mimosa. Order clementine strain here.


We’re delighted to report that using the Mimosa strain for therapeutic purposes is more effective than using actual mimosas. The strain is renowned for its ability to reduce stress and stabilize your mood. Many people with ADD and ADHD enjoy smoking Mimosas to relax and improve their attention on daily duties. A Mimosa puff is said to be effective in treating depression, headaches, and loss of appetite. You’ll be able to think more clearly and work more intently as you inhale the woodsy, flowery notes blended with herbs and berries. We advise Mimosa as a morning strain because it may be used as a pick-me-up without causing sedation or tension (just remember to keep water handy).


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