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Skunk #1 Background and Genetics

Although Skunk #1 is as skunky as you may expect, did you know that it is almost 50 years old? Skunk #1 is an oldie, one of the strains that baby boomers mention when they recount stories about the 1960s, in contrast to so many others that have been grown to match contemporary tastes from revered favorites within the past ten years. Skunk #1 is still quite calming and fascinating to observe. Find out why this skunky favorite from Sacred Seed Co. is still a favorite by reading on. Buy colombian gold strain here.

The strain was created by mating two well-known sativas, Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold, with unidentified Afghan Indica strains. Although its breeders created the variety in Holland, its genetic lineage spans the globe, from Thailand to South America. As a result, a strong hybrid (65/35) with an indica leaning flavor profile and strong effects is produced.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

The flavor of the strain is vivacious and sour-earthy, with a spicy beginning that gradually drifts into more herbal, sweet, and sour qualities. The exhale has a sharp, earthy flavor with traces of gasoline. Similar to the smell, it is skunky and pungent and will dominate the room with its sour intensity. Expect not to be able to conceal this strain! But if you and your home can tolerate it, its 17% THC content hides some incredibly calming properties.


People usually use Skunk #1 to search for gold (Colombian gold). It also causes them to feel more hungry and less depressed. Since many users of this strain also have dry mouth, be warned that you’ll be reaching for water as soon as you’re done reaching for munchies.

In addition, it promotes stress-free relaxation and euphoric giggles. Skunk #1 is a calm buddy to have because it demonstrates to new strains who is boss when it comes to skunky soil flavors.



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