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A Brief History & Genetics of Critical Mass

An indica-dominant strain called Critical Mass is so named because of its enormous buds, which have been known to snap their own branches in half. It is impressive for a strain with such huge buds that it has a THC range of 19%–22%. Mr. Nice has updated an older set of genetics known as Big Bud as Critical Mass. The goal of the refit was to produce a steady strain with a huge yield and a highly coveted high. It is a hybrid of the landrace Afghani Indica with the Skunk #1 strain.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Users may get a powerful body-numbing effect from the Kush and Cola flavors that can make them feel sleepy and sluggish. The majority of consumers claim that this strain clears their minds and leaves them feeling creative, concentrated, and yet tired.


Depending on the dose, the effects typically last between two and five hours. This strain is thought-provoking and almost hallucinogenic for some consumers. This strain might cause dry mouth and eyes, as well as some paranoia and anxiety, when eaten in higher quantities, similar to the majority of strains with high THC concentration.

Critical Mass CBD
Be careful that Critical Mass is frequently more closely associated with the CBD strain. In some areas, the CBD-forward run of the Critical Mass strain is virtually always what is sold by a dispensary. Although it has relatively little THC (2-4%) and a CBD content ranging from 15 to 25%, the CBD cultivar is renowned for keeping much of the fragrance and flavor of the original THC-rich strain.

Critical Mass Effects of CBD

Because of its sedative properties, this strain is typically only used in the evening or at night. It benefits those with insomnia who want to get a decent night’s sleep for the same reason. The body high from Critical Mass indica may reduce stress and anxiety as well as the majority of chronic aches and pains. Some people use this strain to treat anorexia, nausea, and migraines.


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