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A Brief History & Genetics of Do-si-dos strain.

Do-si-dos strain is most commonly recognized as the action of swinging your partner back and forth while square dancing. The 30% THC content of this strain, a tasty and addictive powerhouse that strikes you hard and hits you for a long time, will have you swinging in your head. Its parents, Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies, produce a strong, euphoric smoke. Both regular customers of Archive Seeds and newcomers are beginning to favor this hybrid with a 70/30 indica bias.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

The plant forms tall, olive-shaped cones that have purple leaves, a thick covering of delicious resin, and frost on top. Lime and pine are the predominant terpenes, and there is also a strong minty fragrance. These flavors, as well as the equally addicting mental consequences, came from its parents. Do-Si-Dos, however, differs significantly from Cookies strains in terms of aroma, favoring overly sweet, fermented fruit flavors as well as the smell of damp dirt.


Do-si-dos strain frequently provide assistance for people with chronic pain, sadness, nausea, and particularly insomnia. Even just inhaling the flowers’ sharp fruit and skunk aromas can make you feel better since they prime your senses for the afternoon of psychedelic insanity that lies ahead.

On this strain, users frequently report moments of analytical focus and free association without any signs of restlessness or tension. With this strain, you’ll be motivated to work, exercise, dance, and more since your body and mind will be stimulated. If the amount is high enough, you might even experience arousal. Do-Si-stone Do’s hum can improve anything that requires coordination. We mean anything, too. You’ll be floating away on a tiny Do-Si-Do feeling rejuvenated, at ease, and oh so beautiful.


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