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THC: 24% – 26%. Dog Walker OG is a pungently potent indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain that’s bred from an Albert Walker

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About Dog walker OG

Dog Walker OG is a very strong cross between Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91 that is 80% indica and 20% sativa dominant. Long-time smokers absolutely adore this strain for its skunky aroma, strong flavor, and powerful effects. Dog Walker OG’s perfume is sometimes characterized as having a “wet dog” scent. It has a hint of an earthy aroma, which gave the product its name. Many patients actually like the taste and fragrance of this bud. Despite the fact that the average patient might not find it to be particularly appetizing.

It definitely takes some getting used to! Dog Walker is a well-liked treatment for severe depression, mood disorders, and insomnia with a bodily buzz. But brain stimulation, and a calm focus that seamlessly transitions into a tranquil sleep. This strain has an extraordinarily high THC content of 24-26% and a pleasant yet skunky flavor. New users beware; not only may the THC level overwhelm you, but the taste can also. These amber-hued, hefty buds are covered in trichomes and a fine resin in profusion.

This strain isn’t intended for beginners, as was already said. Users who are unfamiliar with powerful cannabis strains are more likely to have symptoms including recursive thinking, anxiety, and panic even if they have a significant medical condition. Dogwalker OG, however, can develop into a staple strain for daily usage with significant medical benefits for those who have expertise with potent strains.


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