Gas Heads Xtreme Bites – Rainbow Berry 600MG THC



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Gas Heads Xtreme Bites

Candy with a sweet-and-sour rainbow berry flavor. Each packet of 20 pieces of edibles called Gas Heads Xtremes Bites contains 600mg of THC. Enjoy these delectable cannabis munchies to sate your sweet tooth. edibles candy

20 Pieces, each with 30MG

Keep in mind your surrounds as you eat your gummy because these are some of the strongest and tastiest gummies on the market. If you’re new to edibles, keep in mind that the benefits of these incredible gummies take longer to feel than they do with vapes. Some claim to experience the results within the first hour. Whilst in other instances, they do so within the first two hours. For optimal results, take gummies with food or consume them 10 to 60 minutes after.

About edibles candy

Each of our shopwithquality edibles is thoughtfully dosed with a fair amount of THC from the greatest cannabis products to deliver the best experience. Whether you’re with your closest friends or just chilling and looking for a good time, our gummies are the best option to make your time memorable.

Since it takes longer and may result in a higher high, eating cannabis is different from smoking or vaping. The effects of THC edibles typically last between 2 and 4 hours. Depending on how many are consumed, thus we advise everyone to start out cautiously and increase their dosage over time.

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edibles candyGas Heads Xtreme Bites – Rainbow Berry 600MG THC