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The History & Genetics of Fatso OG

Fatso OG is a sweet, chunky strain with flavor that lives up to its reputation and buds that live up to their name. This strain is perfect for a relaxed evening smoke since it can warm you up, take you high, and weigh you down all at once. The euphoric, spicy-sweet, and couch-locking Fatso OG is strong and enjoyable to use. All you need to do is be prepared for it. Buy fatso strain from Shopwithquality.

Fatso OG is the offspring of Legends OG and Garlic Cookies. Which gave this strain a 70/30 Indica/Sativa skew and contributed to its strong effects. The plant is moderately hardy, blooming in a typical amount of time, and produces average yields as long as the weather is warm. Potential breeders should be aware that Cannarado, a breeder headquartered in Colorado, does not readily provide seeds of this variety. You’ll need to locate clones if you want to cultivate it yourself.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

What are you seeing, if you’re fortunate enough to hold the bloom in your hand? The buds of Fatso OG have a plump spade form, are mint green, have opaque crystals, and have dense orange hairs. They may not be the most gorgeous buds available, but they will give you a unique experience. The Fatso OG buds have an amazing aroma that is somewhat of a sweet, herbal blend of fruit, coffee, and earth. Both seasoned and new cannabis consumers will find the Fatso OG scent to be very pleasant. You will be surrounded by its mother’s aromas of wood, coffee, flowers, herbs, and just a trace of garlic flavor.

Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene are the primary terpenes in Fatso OG. It tastes fruity, skunky, earthy, and has a little flavor of spicy gasoline on the exhale. The users who benefit the most from Fatso can tolerate both its unusual flavor combination and its mind-altering cerebral high (in the upper 20s in terms of THC content).


You’ll feel boosted with a sense of euphoria and ecstatic mental vigor when you start smoking a Fatso. If your tolerance is higher, you might be able to focus long enough to play video games or listen to your favorite music. This develops into heavy, physical sensations that make you feel warm, tingling, and heavy.

Right behind your eyes, you may experience the high, setting you up for a restful night’s sleep. Couchlocks with Fatso OG are not only usual, but also required since once he sits on you, you won’t be getting up for a while.

People who seek to manage chronic pain, sadness, stress, or mood swings do well with fatso OG. Fatso OG is very helpful for women’s health difficulties and chronic injuries because it can be utilized to relieve a cramp or muscular spasm. You won’t want to get up from your couch because this strain is so intensely calming. You won’t want to say no to another round of Fatso if it helps improve your mood while easing some chronic symptoms.


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