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Fiyaman Carts

The Fiyaman Carts. Our Fiyaman cartridges, like all of our vape carts, incorporate premium terpenes into our cold-ethanol distillate. The top cartridges are made by Fiyaman. The perfume is really strong right out of the package. No further fillers, such as P/G, V/G, or diluents, are included.

Furthermore, there is no need to purchase batteries. With each impact, the CCell disposables we utilize produce high-quality clouds.

Total THC:

Total Cannabinoids:

ABOUT the cart

He just shouts, “liquid!… to choose brand when I’m living in a state where I have to fiyaman extracts,” when speaking about vape cartridges from the brand Fiyaman Extracts, which offers a variety of products, including top shelf thc oil. This cartridge works well. While distillate generally has a more superior sensation and may not be as medicinal for some, Treatment’s oil in a true CCELL is on level with top-notch distillate carts in terms of power and intelligence. Temple and his company used little more than a mailing address and a symbol to reroute drums of vitamin E acetate into a staggering number of illegal THC vape cartridges statewide by taking advantage of slack federal enforcement and regulatory gaps in California.

Freshly squeezed flower is combined with live resin to create fiyaman. No artificial flavors or cuts. No crappy oil, no MCT oil, either. They have a number of Dwell resin strains available, including as Marriage Crasher, a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain produced by a potent cross between the standard Wedding Cake cross Purple Punch strain.

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