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Regarding Cookies Gary Payton Genetics & History

The name of this strain could sound a little strange to you if you’re not a sports lover. Alternatively known as Gary Payton, Cookies Together with the former Seattle Supersonics point guard, Gary Payton was created. The teams at Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics crossed her with The Y and Snowman before giving her to Veritas, a grower with headquarters in Colorado who now controls all licenses. Cookies Despite Gary Payton’s meager 25% THC peak, customers consistently assert that she has a powerful high. Order gary payton weed here.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Mint green nugs with bright orange pistils and a thick layer of white, glittering trichomes have a classic appearance. This lady will not appeal to you if you prefer sweet strains. It’s because she overwhelms your senses with a combination of spicy diesel and herbs. She is said to have a lingering stench, so make sure you’re enjoying her in a secure location before you light up.


In the case of Cookies Gary Payton, you might actually want to do so or at least plant your rear on the couch. People frequently use the word “buckle up” to describe how to get ready for a specific type of high. Despite the fact that this strain doesn’t usually make you sleepy, you might want to consider sitting down because of how potent she is.
Customers report that as soon as they take the drug, their minds are shot into the euphoric outside worlds. This gives them a strong urge to socialize and a fit of laughter that just won’t stop. Some people may find that their attention is sharper.  And they can utilize to their advantage when it comes to their to-do list.

While this strain is a popular option for recreational use, her therapeutic advantages are also well regarded. Cookies gary payton weed is an excellent choice for treating conditions like anxiety, sadness, and even ADD or ADHD. This is because she can be found on the shelves of dispensaries with up to 5% CBD. People who frequently suffer from migraines or other types of generalized pain may also discover that they may rely on this bud to make it a little bit easier for them to get through the day.


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