Packwood x Gashouse Strain


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Packwood x Gashouse Strain

Packwoods x Gashouse Strain Pressures by packwoods is a hybrid strain with 27.91% THC. Packwoods x gashouse pressure is a deep hybrid with powerful body stimulation and calming cerebral relaxation. But OG has a high THC content, an intoxicating skunky aroma, and dark green buds that are both a pleasure to the senses and a danger to the inexperienced.

Effects of packwoods x gashouse
So, Packwoods x gas house pressure will blow the house down and transport you to a new level of relaxation and sensory pleasure. But this strain is excellent for relieving pain, fatigue, and the stresses of everyday life.


Packwoods was created to make smoking backwoods easier for even the most experienced roller. So, throw away your Swishers. But our product is made from and all natural Meduro backwood leaf. Which are wrapped around 2 grams of all organic fire bud. And a quarter gram of concentrate made from nugs, rolled in kief, and filtered through a custom-made reusable quartz filter. But everything was grown in Los Angeles with the highest quality materials.

Packwoods are what they sound like.

Packwoods are the dankest blunts ever, packed with 2 full grams of premium flower, drizzled with 1 gram of 100% Co2 extracted top shelf oil, dipped in hash oil, and filially COVERED in kief.

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