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Available Flavors For Glo Carts

From premium cannabis oils, Lab tested and high potency. they include Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica.

Master Kush, Gushers, Do-Si-Dos, Ayahuasca Purple, Platinum OG, Endless Sky, Blue Diamond, God’s Gift, Kushadelic, Merlot OG, Yumboldt, LA Ultra.

Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, Wedding Cake, Blue Dream, Dopium, LA sunshine, Cali Gold, Space Candy, Dank Sinatra

Strawberry Cough, Grape Lemonade, Jamaican Dream, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Buddha Haze, LAMB’S BREAD, Lodi Dodi, Blucifer, Sour Diesel

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Glo thc vape pens.

Due to its devotion to its clients and product transparency, Glo Extracts has earned a reputation as one of the most reputable businesses in the cannabis industry. With the glo carts tract QR code on the thc carts package, Glo Extracts is setting the bar for the cannabis market in terms of providing transparency to its customers. glo carts review

Glo Extracts has been ensuring the safety of cannabis consumers by adding QR codes to all of the new packaging to confirm the legitimacy of the goods. Glo Extracts is taking the necessary precautions to assist customers stay safe and acquire the greatest products on the market because it is crucial to be safe when smoking cannabis. glo carts review


Feelings… relax, sleepy, happy, hungry.

helps with…. stress, pain, anxiety, appetize, depression,

Negative effects…. dye, eye, dizziness, dry mouth

Experience of smoking glo cart

You can feel your high start to gently change after inhaling the cartridges. You have the impression that you are simultaneously aware of everything around you and the alteration in your high.

Glo Carts INDICA

Master Kush

Crisp, earthy flavor with faint pine undertones


A flawless reproduction of the classic sweet and fruity candy


A flavor that is simultaneously spicy and sweet, with sporadic floral overtones that are earthy but deceptively sweet.

Ayahuasca Purple

With a unique scent that encompasses elements of haze, the grape and berry-heavy profile gives this wine a special sweetness.
LA Ultra

LA Ultra is suitable for individuals who prefer the right balance of lemon and lime, thanks to its fiery citrus aroma, which is likely to enhance any initial feeling.


Yumboldt is a particularly potent blend whose boldness is also demonstrated by its strong yet enticing scent.
Merlot OG

Merlot OG has extremely natural woody and earthy notes with a buttery finish, intended to demonstrate its OG hybrid heritage.


God’s Gift has a citrus aroma that is floral but spicy and tastes earthy because it is based on pine.

God’s Gift, a California classic, offers the smoker a distinct aroma of grape and citrus with a touch of earthiness, creating a very sweet but distinctive taste.

Blue Diamond

With a pronounced blueberry aftertaste, this flavor is earthy and sweet.

Endless Sky

Endless Sky has a distinctive flavor profile that is always worth trying, with a sweet berry infusion and a buttery finish.
Platinum OG

Its pine-heavy fragrance characterizes its earthy and organic flavor.



Gelato regularly lives up to its name with a fruity taste that has a distinct citrus edge.

Sunset Sherbert

A kind with a powerful candy aroma and a pleasant citrus flavor

Wedding Cake

A wonderful medley of flavors was created by mixing together an earthy and extremely sweet vanilla blend.

Blue Dream

With this enduringly popular strain, you can anticipate a rush of blueberry taste on the palate as well as a sweet berry scent.


A peppery, flowery, and highly distinctive flavor profile with a predominate citrus scent

LA Sunshine

An earthy and nutty flavor wonderfully complements the citrus fragrance.
Cali Gold

A fresh herbal scent with hints of lemon and dirt.

Space Candy

With very faint earthy undertones, the flavor is sweet, candied apple and cherry.
Dank Sinatra

Sweet berry taste with light cheese undertones

SATIVA Glo thc vape pens.

Strawberry Cough

This traditional dessert is certain to be a lovely treat once everything is said and done because it has the delectable perfume of strawberries and an identical taste to match.

Grape Lemonade

The flavor profile, which is described as “a sweet blend of grapes and different berries with a citrus edge,” is perfect for palate-pleasing at any time.

Jamaican Dream

An intriguing and provocative fusion of flavors that features an earthy citrus and coffee combo
Thunder Fuck Alaskan

A variety of aromas combine to provide a flavor profile that is earthy and piney with a faint lemon and menthol undertone.

Buddha Haze

Due to the distinctive way it combines mango and spice with diverse subdued earthy floral notes, this profile is one of a kind.


The earthy and woody combination of these vintage strains is strongly reminiscent of their Jamaican Lodi Dodi counterpart.

This strain has a distinctive sweetness that is accentuated by a variety of tropical fruit aromas and floral undertones, which is finished with an earthy citrus flavor.


This fantastic cartridge has a unique flavor that combines blueberries and cream with a spicy floral aftertaste.

Sour Diesel

An excellent replication of the earthy, pungent character of the original strain.
Online Glo extract purchases. Our Glo extracts cartridges employ excellent terpenes mixed into our cold-ethanol distillate, just like all of our vape carts do. The greatest cannabis cartridges are those from Glo Extracts. The perfume is pleasant and potent right out of the box. There are no further fillers used, including no P/G, V/G, or diluents. Review of Glo Carts

not even a battery to buy. Every strike from our Cell disposables produces high-quality clouds.

get Glo carts
High potency, lab certified cannabis oil made from quality cannabis. Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica are among them.


Master kush | Gushers | Purple Punch | Slurricane | Dolato | Kushaelic | Black Mamba 24 | LA Ultra | Yumboldt | Merlot OG| God’s Gift | Blue Diamond | Endless Sky | Platinum OG | Mazar Kush


Sunset Herbert | Wedding cake | Mimosa | Banana Punch | Sundae Driver | Blue Dream | Dopium | LA sunshine | White cookies | Lemonchello | Cali Gold | Space Candy | Dank Sinatra | Lem Chem | Cereal milk | Mochi


Jamaican Dream | Sour Diesel | Electric Grape | Buddha Haze | Lambs Bread | White widow | Lodi dodi | Blucifer | Strawberry Amnesia


Cotton candy | Gelonade | Lemon Zest | Green Crack | Martian Muffins | Mint Waterz | Gummy Bears | Sour Lope | Strawberry shortcake | King Louis


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