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History and genetics of Kush Mints

What comes to mind when you consider the usual cannabis experience? It’s often hunger and rest for many people. If that’s what you’re looking for, Kush Mints can provide it. This hybrid strain, created by Seed Junky Genetics, draws equally from its Bubba Kush and Animal Mints lineage. It is a tasty bud. Although 23% THC on average may not sound like much, many people report that Kush Mints are potent. Consider giving this lady a try when you’re ready to let your cares melt away. Buy kush mints online.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Her nugs have a thick coating of icy white crystals and are fluffy and deep green. As if her name wasn’t obvious enough, this flower has a strong crisp mint flavor but, strangely, it has hints of soil, coffee, and cookies. Because of the similarity of her aroma, many people favor her as a dessert strain.


You’d better rethink your expectations if you’re anticipating Kush Mints to be as reviving as her flavor. While some anticipate a positive and energizing set of effects. Consumers typically report that this strain is calming both mentally and physically. Unless you overdo it, you might not feel extremely stoned, but for the most part, calm happiness may fill your entire body. It should be noted that many smokers report getting quite the case of the munchies after using this strain so stock up on snacks accordingly!
Because they frequently offer a wonderful combination of cerebral and physical benefits, evenly balanced hybrid strains are frequently favored by medicinal users. Many people comment that Kush Mints helps to cure anxiety and despair with relative ease, so she doesn’t let them down. Additionally, persistent bouts of nausea may be relieved along with physical pain. She may be able to assist you in falling asleep as well if your tolerance is poor or you consume a lot of this marijuana.

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