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GMOG Strain

A strain with exceptional genetic heritage is GMOG. Because of its OG-style scent and traditional GMO terps at the back, our unique phenotype of Fatso is known as the GMOG cut. It is a hybrid of the well-known Michigan strains “GMO” and “Legend OG Strain” This blossom has a trichs coating and a strong gas and garlic fragrance. Both a lofty cerebral high and profound body calming benefits are available to users of GMOG. You should not miss this, in all honesty.

The GMO stands for “Garlic, Mushroom, & Onions,” and it unquestionably has that umami, savory tone that is extremely distinctive when it comes to marijuana. This is from another planet because it has a vegetal, spicy, and harsh aroma; it’s nothing like other strains. Usually, you’re dealing with something with a fruity, citrus, or musky/hashy smell. It is fantastic for individuals looking for a more indica-like, couchlock feeling because of its meaty, fungal, allium character. With amazing effects and a fresh nose. Buy legend og strain from us.

GMOG is a strong hybrid between GMO and Legend OG. The dense, lime green, icy buds of this hybrid with an indica tendency are impressive. flavors of gasoline, soil, and a definite GMO funk. This strain has some high THC content and produces euphoric and calming effects. breathe in, exhale, and lift

Main Results: Calm and Content

The primary terpenes are caryophyllene, linalool, limonene, and humulene.


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