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Enigma Cubensis Mushroom: Potency, Trip Effects & Dosage 

No species exists called Enigma Cubensis. Instead, it is a mutant form—or perhaps numerous mutant forms of Psilocybe cubensis, a well-known hallucinogenic plant. It’s a “blob mutation,” as they are known. It doesn’t create spores, but I’ll get to what that implies in a moment. Enigma must only be spread totally by cloning. Enigma was elusive for a long time, and nothing was known about it. The culture has spread, but it’s still somewhat rare because the secret of its growth was preserved to a small inner circle whose membership was strictly by invitation only.

Given that different P. cubensis strains have experienced the blob mutation, there are actually numerous Enigmas. It’s not entirely obvious if there is any discernible difference between the various blobs. Before we begin, it is important to note that most jurisdictions prohibit the use or possession of the hallucinogenic drug psilocybin. Penalties may be really harsh. Do not attempt to get arrested using any information from this article. Become familiar with local laws. No readers should be lost, please. Lemon Tek is a common way to consume enigma mushrooms.

Identification & Description

Enigma is renowned for not quite producing mushrooms. It pins just like a typical P. cubensis when it starts to fruit, but then something strange happens. The caps don’t begin to develop on the pins. The masses of fungal tissue that finally form instead merely keep growing bigger and bigger until they merge to resemble either cauliflower mushrooms, cauliflower (the plant), or brains. It never produces spores.

Blobs, or the masses, are frequently blue and dense with slow growth. They may become fairly big. Although the Enigma blobs appear very strange, they can be utilized in the same way as hallucinogenic mushrooms. The same methods, including drying and submersion in honey, can also be used to preserve them. Actually, the blobs are more suitable for honey than the majority of mushrooms. Lemon tek

Trip Effects

In general, trip effects are same to those of other P. cubensis. That is, some people assert that the trips produced by various strains are fundamentally distinct, whereas others assert that a cube is a cube or that the only distinction between strains is potency. There is no unambiguous conclusion to the argument. But very few, if any, claims are made that Enigma has a unique aesthetic that distinguishes its journeys as exceptional. It is merely a novelty item with an odd growing form. Similar to other psilocybin experiences, an Enigma trip typically consists of a mix of changed mood, altered perception, and altered cognitive processes.

Non-users frequently refer to psychoactive fungi as just hallucinogens, as if letting people see things is all that psilocybin accomplishes, but it’s the changed perception—the hallucinations—that actually attracts the most attention. In reality, the effect of altered perception is highly dose-dependent, thus those who take extremely tiny doses may just feel altered mood and mental patterns. However, only at very high doses do the hallucinations begin to significantly conflict with reality. Larger quantities make everything seem strange (walls may even breathe).

Potency and Dosage

According to reports, Enigma is more potent than the majority of other P. cubensis strains, sometimes significantly more so. This implies that a lower dose is required to provide the same effect. With any kind of psilocybin, dosage is crucial since the relationship between dose size and trip effect is ambiguous and progressive, similar to a dimmer switch. Instead, some side effects are nonexistent at low dosages and then abruptly start to manifest at higher doses. The obvious example is hallucinations, but adverse or even harmful side-effects are also more common at higher doses. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution and take too little rather than too much. A journey that is weaker than anticipated could be frustrating, but one that is better than anticipated could be risky.

Alternatively, you can use our magic mushroom dosage calculator, which offers six dosage options, including microdose and heroic dose.

Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea are two common ways to consume enigma mushrooms.


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