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History and genetics of Maui Waui

When it first arrived in the 1960s, Maui Waui, also known as Maui Wowie, was thought to be the best strain available. It leans 80% sativa. When someone makes the claim that “marijuana wasn’t as potent back then,” they typically mean before Maui Waui was created. One of the first strains with a significantly higher THC concentration was Maui Waui. When Maui Waui was cultivated in the 1960s, the average marijuana strain had a very low THC level (nearly usually under 8%). maui wowie strain

With THC levels well into the teens, Maui Waui soon rose to the top of the list of popular strains. Maui Waui was first cultivated outdoors on the island of Maui, from where it quickly spread to the other Hawaiian Islands. Sadly, the strain’s precise genetic makeup is unknown.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

The buds are renowned for their enticing fruity and tropical scent. When smoking it, a pineapple-like flavor and a sour bite are both present. Buds of Maui Waui are covered in white trichomes with undertones of light green. Occasionally, orange and yellow hairs will stand out.

Effects of maui wowie strain

It is now regarded as a midrange to high-grade drug that produces sativa high with a few indica benefits. In terms of THC content, other strains (along with fresh hybrids) have caught up to and even surpassed this illustrious variety.

Regular users of Maui Waui report feeling upbeat and energized, which can also boost creativity. It causes a powerful case of the characteristic “munchies” as well as a light and pleasant body numbing sensation. Users should prepare for dry mouth, eyes, and possibly psychosis. When taking greater amounts or eating edibles, some people may experience drowsiness and headaches.

Stress, anxiety, and long-term depression can be alleviated by this strain’s sativa effects. The Indica side of Maui Waui may be helpful for reducing minor chronic aches and pains. Additionally, it is employed to increase appetite in those who have anorexia and other eating disorders. Maui Waui is additionally used by certain people as a chronic migraine treatment.


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