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The Origins of Moonbow strain and its Genetics

Moonbow, also referred to as “Moon Bow,” is a powerful hybrid strain produced by crossing the Zkittlez X Do-Si-Dos strains, with a 50/50 indica/sativa ratio. So, moonbow strain named for its incredibly relaxing twilight high and enduring effects. But is the ideal strain for any hybrid fan who values an indica lean in their medicine. The high develops gradually, quietly taking hold in the brain before suddenly taking over and leaving you feeling uplifted and joyful. Your body will gradually start to give in to a tranquilizing physical high that spreads through your limbs. And this lulls you into a state of complete peace and tranquility.


This mixture has the potential to become sedative, causing you to nod off suddenly. But these effects, along with Moonbow’s  high average THC content of 18-20%, make it an excellent choice for treating problems. These problems include chronic stress or anxiety, depression, insomnia or nightmares, appetite loss, or nausea.

Flavors, aromas, and aesthetics

This flower has a blast of acidic citrus flavor on the exhale along with a sweet and flowery berry candy flavor. The aroma is remarkably similar, with notes of sour citrus, nuttiness, and a fruity cherry overtone. Bright neon green nugs with blue overtones, big, heavy spade-shaped moonbow buds, bright orange hairs. And a layer of tiny, blue-tinted white crystal trichomes are all characteristics of moonbow buds.


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