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What Do Cannabis MoonRocks Contain?

Moonrocks made of marijuana are essentially the “champagne” of the marijuana world. They are even referred to as cannabis caviar by others. But it is made of various marijuana products that are all rolled into a single, extremely strong nug before being smoked. They gained popularity after West Coast rapper Kurupt made them known to the public and eventually patented his own line of moon rocks. But in relation to the name, they do resemble moon rocks. But their capacity to give even the most seasoned cannabis user an extreme high may also play a role.

How do they get made?

A marijuana nugget is transformed into moon rocks by being coated with concentrate, also known as hash oil, or by being sprayed with it. So, they may be prepared with any strain but are typically made with Girl Scout Cookies (the marijuana strain, not Thin Mints) flower and concentrate.

So, after coating, the nugget is rolled in kief. The clingy crystals that coat the cannabis flower are known as kief, sometimes known as pollen or dry sift. But Terpenes and cannabinoids are present in this crystallized residue.

What is their strength?

From batch to batch, it differs. The method of preparation, the maker, and the ingredients all affect the product’s potency.

According to Leafly, the THC content of moon rocks normally ranges around 50%. To put that into perspective, the normal THC content of popular strains sold in dispensaries ranges from 17 to 28 percent.

How are moonrocks taken in?

Moonrocks can be smoked by breaking them up into a joint, bowl, vaporizer, or pipe just like any other nug. Glassware like a bong or pipe is the preferred method since it is easier to keep it lighted and because it is also extremely dense and oily.

What outcomes are there?

Moonrocks have great power. People who have indulged speak about large, fragrant smoke clouds and a rich and enjoyable kief flavor.

So, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, is what causes the “high” most of the time. The effects of moon rocks are stronger than those of standard cannabis products since they have far higher THC concentrations.

The strain selected and your tolerance level, among other factors, influence how severe the effects will be. Those who are not accustomed to high THC cannabis usually experience more potent effects. Additionally, using a lot of it makes the effects stronger.

Here are a few typical outcomes of moon rocks:

Higher heart rate
Sleepiness \sheadaches
Memory loss caused by dry mouth
Cough, dry eyes, or other respiratory conditions
The munchies, or intense hunger


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