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Nova Carts and Disposables

Nova Carts, Nova Farms high quality vape cartridges are unrivaled and uncontested with potent clouds and smooth draws. Discover our natural vape brands’ unprecedented quality.

High-quality vape cartridges from Nova Carts and Nova Farms are unmatched and unchallenged thanks to their powerful clouds and easy draws. Discover the unmatched quality of our natural vape brands.

CARTS FOR NATURAL TERP. Nova places a premium on authentic cannabis flavors, which is why our golden, rich terpene and THC vape brands are the best available. Our organic THC vape cartridges have a delicious flavor and a pleasant scent. By offering pesticide-free products to our customers, we’re devoted to giving them the most genuine marijuana experience possible. Buy Nova Cartridges Online.

Buy Nova Cartridges Online.

All of your favorite cannabis strains can be enjoyed in a rich, smooth, and hassle-free manner using this method. With our full spectrum vape brands, you can easily enjoy all the health-promoting qualities of our cannabis profiles. They have been protected by Nova’s unique extraction method directly to you from the organic sources of our plants.
Purchase The Nova Brand cartridges, which are full 1 Gram cartridges. Simply unplug the battery from the disposable vape carts when you’re done. About 3.5mg of cannabis oil is produced after each 4-second activation.
So, we noticed that many businesses were chasing the wrong goals and getting big quickly or working with as many people to sell one product as they could. But our approach was to pay attention to what the market wants and do our best to meet those needs. You’ll notice that we’re consistently adding goods to our selection that the general public may thoroughly enjoy from the open market!

Nova Carts Flavors


Flavor Details

CHERRY LIMEADE (HYBRID) Try this berry citrus flavor that will make you want a tall glass of summertime cherry limeade. It is also adored for its strength and invigorating head buzz.
KING LOUIS (INDICA) This strain is ideal for medicating since it perfectly balances sweetness and sourness. While feeling euphoric and pleased, you will experience a heavy sensation throughout your body.
BUBBLE GUM (HYBRID) hybrid with a sativa predominance that tastes sweet and delicious. This strain has the power to numb your body while relieving stress from your thoughts.
WATERMELON (INDICA) This strain tastes like watermelon, fresh berries, and sweets and is really juicy and tasty. A preferred choice due to its energizing but calming qualities.
COOKIES AND CREAM (INDICA) Tastes of earthy nuttiness and sweet vanilla, with a creamy butter topping. Additionally produces a joyful head lift that is euphoric, creative, and slightly energizing.

PURPLE PUNCH (INDICA) Your taste senses will be flying in a fruity ecstasy in no time with a flavor profile of fruit punch, skittles, and grape. Additionally, a significant amount of relaxation spreads down the body, beginning at the top of the head.
STRAWBERRY SPLASH (SATIVA) Strawberry Splash is a Sativa-dominant strain that has a ton of taste and a delightfully upbeat high. It’s also well renowned for its ability to reduce tension without causing the startling paranoia that high THC strains frequently cause.
ICE CREAM SORBET (INDICA) But this strain is known for a flavorful, sweet, and fruity sensation for anyone lucky enough to try it. Ice Cream Sorbet can also pack a powerful punch that may wind you down for bedtime while pulling you toward the freezer for some ice cream.

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