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The strong OG Chemdawg X Double OG Sour strains were crossed to form the hybrid strain Double OG Chem, which has a 60% indica/40% sativa ratio. Double OG Chem delivers a long-lasting, calming high that’s wonderful for when you want to really kick back in a peaceful and pain-free manner following a long and stressful day or week. It’s the ideal heavy hitting for any indica enthusiast. The high begins with a steady rise and gradually infiltrates your physical form with a relaxing body buzz. Your mind will experience a cheerful boost while your body relaxes into this condition, leaving you feeling a little more focused and ecstatic and eager to converse with anyone nearby.

These effects don’t make you feel overly drowsy; instead, they allow you to unwind completely. These benefits, along with Double og chem strain extremely high 23-24% average THC content, make it ideal for treating chronic stress, inflammation, ADD or ADHD, chronic pain, headaches, and migraines. This flower exudes a savory, skunky, and woody flavor with a typical spicy chemical flavor. The scent begins with an earthy and floral undertone before abruptly changing to a spicy skunk and woody pine scent. Small fluffy spherical forest green nugs with thin transparent amber hairs and a layer of frosty clear crystal trichomes are the characteristics of Double OG Chem buds.


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Double OG ChemDouble OG Chem
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