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Concerning the genealogy of wedding cake.

Wedding Cake is naturally a sweet strain, but it has a peppery aftertaste (just like marriage). It’s the perfect strain for people-watching and is wonderful for unwinding and heading out. It was developed by an unidentified breeder from the illustrious parents Cherry Pie and GSC (Girl Scout Cookies), and it yields a THC level in the high-20s that should pique the interest of even the most jaded users. Order Pink cookies strain another name for wedding cake here.

Pink cookies strain is another name for wedding cake. Although some seed banks contend that it is truly a Triangle Mints genotype, we simply highlighted its most widely acknowledged provenance. Because the findings have been influenced by having parents that are both landrace sativa strains like Durban Poison, we think the Cherry Pie + GSC genetics are more likely to be the cause. Similar to GSC, Wedding Cake leans indica (60/40), has tight buds, plenty of sweet crystals, and leaves that are both dark and light green.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

The strain’s terpene profile favors humulene at the top, followed by limonene and terpinolene in lesser levels. The earthy, peppery terpene known as humulene gives many strains their distinctive flavor of pepper and wood. It may taste similar to hops, which also contain humulene.
Unexpectedly, the smell of wedding cake isn’t the most enticing. As opposed to what you might anticipate, it’s a much more subtle blend of earthy and floral aromas with subtle undertones of sweetness. The flavor is almost exactly like sourdough bread—doughy and sour. Order Pink cookies strain another name for wedding cake here.

Effects pink cookies strain

For users who want to control their anxiety or jitters, the strain is fantastic. Another phrase bandied about is “neuromuscular modulation,” which means that Wedding Cake can help people manage their depression. And it helps lessen fibromyalgia and muscular sclerosis symptoms.

For individuals who can manage the THC level, Wedding Cake is highly recommended due of these medical benefits. Although it doesn’t have as powerful or distinctive of a flavor as new users might anticipate, it is a favorite among growers and users alike due to its resistance in the ground and in your mouth.


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