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8 Plug Play Vape Pod Reviews.

plug and play pod cartridge review

I was able to get my hands on 8 different strains from Plug Play, and I can honestly state that each one was of remarkable quality. plug and play battery

This cart truly stands out from the competition in my opinion, and the vape pen’s battery lasts a very long time. Let’s look at the several strains I examined:

Jack Herer

Sincerely, this is the best Jack Herer THC oil I have ever used. Its flavor profiles were quite energizing and made me think about the strain. Premium THC oil is present in plug and play vape pods, and this particular batch is among the best. Additionally, this is among the top prefilled THC oil cartridges for sativa strains I have ever used (and I tried many of them). I vaped Jack Here using a Brass Knuckles cartridge and a Stiiizy pod. I believe that Plug and Play’s terpene profile is superior to that of their rivals. plug and play battery

Pound Cake

I was so excited to enjoy vaping this strain with my coffee, but it ended up being a terrible letdown. There are numerous reviews on weedmaps.com about how terrible it tastes, so I know I’m not alone in my opinion. I want to urge that they continue making it and simply alter the terpene profile as I cannot even recommend trying it. If they take into account the numerous generally bad opinions regarding this strain, I would love to offer it another review when the taste has been changed.

King Louie

Another excellent Plug and Play prefilled indica THC oil pod. This one is liked by some individuals and disliked by others. On Weedmaps, users claim that the flavor is too earthy. This was not at all a problem for me. It made me think of vaping some tasty cannabis. I believe that folks who prefer the sweet flavor of THC oils are the ones that are complaining about this strain.

Train Wreck

Because it tastes just like the real train wreck strain, they got this one correct. Of course, this was another strong pod that didn’t take many puffs to get high. I can suggest these varieties to anyone who just enjoy the taste of marijuana. When I vaped from Plug and Play, all of their strains tasted exactly like the marijuana I had previously smoked. Although Train Wreck isn’t a favorite, if you like the strain, it’s worth a try.

Pineapple Express

The sweet taste THC oil from this strain is the best available. This prefilled THC oil had a faint pineapple flavor to it. This one has a crisp pineapple aftertaste with each hit. Because just terpenes and THC oil are used, the flavor is pure. For those seeking strong cannabis oil with a sweet flavor, this is a must-try.

Apple Slushie

I was reminded of a green Jolly Rancher candy by this THC oil. This incredibly potent pod was great fun. This strain does not taste at all like marijuana when you exhale. For individuals who wish to get high covertly, this is ideal.

Fire OG

My second favorite was this (best Indica THC oil I have vaped so far). There isn’t another indica strain that can match the caliber of this cannabis oil, and I tried over 20 other carts. Anyone can unwind or fall asleep using this one because it is so soothing. This pod and THC oil mixture has a similar high to a dab rig. Please read the many positive reviews about it on Weedmaps to see that I am not exaggerating. Plug and play has the potent cannabis vape pen and cartridge that customers were hoping for.

Strawberry Champaign

Out of the 8 strains from Plug and Play that I was able to try, this one was my favorite. No other strawberry-flavored THC oil can compete with this exquisite terpene and cannabis extract combination. The greatest Sativa THC oil by far, it gave me the vigor to work hard for extended periods of time. The rapid energy boost you get after inhaling this pod makes the $60 price tag more than worthwhile. plug and play battery

Best THC oil in 2018

plug and play vape review

I was astonished by how accurate the labeling of Premium THC oil, which is seen on the box of Plug and Play cartridges, turned out to be. I let a lot of my friends use this vape pen and the pods, and they all concur that it’s the greatest they’ve ever used. Comparing the Plug and Play pods to the typical 510 cartridges, they hit more effectively. A ceramic heating cartridge made by Plug and Play allows for massive impacts and powerful highs. plug and play battery

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