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Effects & Potency of Robert Mcpherson’s PF Classic, Psilocybe Fanaticus

Although “Psilocybe Fanaticus” appears to be a scientific term similar to Psilocybe cubensis, it is not. Instead, it refers to both a man by the name of Robert McPherson and a strain of P. cubensis that he created, also known as the PF Classic. He is also the PF of PF Tek. Order psilocybe cubensis dried mushroom here.

In fact, PF Classic is a traditional cube that is well-liked by users but less frequently cultivated. Physically, it differs from P. cubensis as a whole, having a stem that can be short or tall, thick or thin, spongy or fibrous. Growers can wait until the mushrooms are pretty huge before harvesting without spreading spores all over the place since the veil does not tear until the mushroom is fully ripe.


P.cubensis typically produces a variety of effects, such as euphoria, insight, and hallucinations. Unless taken in extremely high doses, these effects are typically quite subtle, such as the appearance of breathing walls or strangely geometric tree branches, as opposed to the little green men and other similar visions that non-users may assume hallucinations involve. Additionally, there could be strange sensations like “body buzz” or “body load” that some users appreciate, and others don’t, as well as either drowsiness or an energy surge.

Trips can differ. They differ according on the dose consumed, the user’s biochemistry, the environment and their current state of mind (together referred to as “set and setting”). It is debatable whether the strain picked also plays a role. Some claim that while potency varies among strains, the notion that different strains have distinct effects is equally untrue as the claims that certain types of alcohol lead to mean or friendly drunks, etc. Although many users have their preferred strains, each is supposed to have an own personality and high.

When it comes to PF, descriptions vary greatly. Some say it’s a mild strain, akin to using cannabis, good for novices, while others say it’s one of the most intense and vivid experiences they’ve ever had.


Users should use less PF Classic than they would with other strains to achieve the same level of intensity because it is one of the most potent varieties. A person can choose the dosage based on their own body weight. If they want their mushroom psilocybe cubensis dried or fresh, and the desired experience, whether they want a mild dose, a strong trip, or anything else. Such estimates, however, can only provide an approximation since physical sensitivity varies from user to user and because potency varies even within a strain. Starting out with a micro dosing of PF Classic could be a good idea to see how it affects you.




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