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Potency, Effects and Dosage for PF Redspore

The “PF” in PF Redspore stands for “Psilocybe Fanaticus.” It resembles a scientific term but is actually Robert McPherson’s nickname. His moniker, or possibly “nom de champignon,” is well-known across the mushroom community. What does PF tek mean? Because he created it, that belongs to him. He also created various variants of the strain. The Redspore is only the Classic with red spores. Buy psilocybe mushroom at shopwithquality.

The spores have more of a reddish-brown color than a fire engine red color. Once the spores have grown, the gills are all the same hue. The spores and gills of most other Psilocybes, which are purple black, are noticeably different in color. In fact, the Psilocybe genus was characterized in part by its extremely dark spores before genetics dominated taxonomy. If the Redspore mushroom had been discovered growing in the wild at that time, it would have been classified as an Aaricus. The same species as the white button mushrooms used on pizza. The fact that spore color can vary due to a single genetic mutation led scientists to abandon this method of taxonomy. Although many mycophiles still find it odd that there could be a red-spored Psilocybe.

Effects of Psilocybe Fanaticus Redspore

Since psilocybin is largely responsible for these mushrooms’ activity, they have effects that are similar to those of psilocybin, which are known to include hallucinations, changes in mood, and altered cognitive patterns. The hallucinations are so well-known that non-users frequently just refer to psilocybin as a hallucinogen. The substance isn’t even hallucinogenic at very low levels. The hallucinations are normally mild, even at moderate recreational doses. Colors may intensify, things may take on a “geometric” or “Jello-like” appearance, and walls may start to breathe. Only at extremely high doses can the hallucinations begin to seriously conflict with reality, and by that time, the user’s thinking will have become quite peculiar, possibly terrifying or perhaps instructive.

Other symptoms include what is known as body buzz or body load, occasionally having trouble moving or balancing, and experiencing either tiredness or energy. Users can either enjoy or dislike these sensations. Although nausea is also frequent, users generally manage to ignore it. The main effects of PF Redspore are claimed to be in these bodily manifestations, sometimes even going so far as to cause momentary paralysis.

It’s unclear whether varying strains really do result in genuinely distinct experiences (as opposed to merely varied in potency). Certainly, journeys differ. The user’s personal biochemistry, present mental state, and immediate surroundings all have a significant role. According to some reports, psilocybin can either improve or worsen a user’s current mood. It’s unclear whether picking the proper strain can actually enable a user to choose a specific trip type or if that illusion is just the result of serendipity and confirmation bias.


PF Redspore is regarded as relatively potent. Users need to consume less of it to achieve the same level of potency as they would with a typical strain of P. cubensis.  Based on the user’s body weight, whether the mushroom is dry or fresh, and the desired experience intensity (often micro, beginner, experienced, intense, or heroic). It is possible to establish an initial average dose size. These figures, however, can only ever be a starting point because psilocybin sensitivity in humans varies greatly.

The ideal course of action is to be extremely cautious and err on the side of taking too little rather than too much psilocybin. A user must know how the drug affects them and what dosages of various sizes normally do for them. At greater doses, unpleasant and perhaps harmful side effects become far more common. And even at overall lower amounts, problems can arise if the person is not prepared for them.

The two most common ways to consume PF Redspore are with Lemon Tek and Shroom Tea.


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