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Hindu Kush: History and Genetics

Hindu Kush is a strong pure indica strain and one of the first landrace strains that led to the global emergence of cannabis. It is a native of the Hindu Kush Mountain range, which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan. The origins of the word “Kush” are uncertain but have been linked to both Avestan words that simply mean “water mountain” and a Persian term for “Hindu slayer” (in allusion to the peril of traversing the hostile mountains). Regardless, Kush has come to stand for marijuana and is frequently added as a suffix to the names of other strains, whether or not those strains are descended from Hindu Kush.

Hindu Kush typically contains between 15% and 20% THC by weight. In the 1960s and 1970s, cannabis aficionados and explorers who journeyed along a route that has come to be known as the “hippie trail” brought seeds of Hindu Kush, as well as seeds of other Asian landrace cultivars like Afghani, to the United States. Buy purple hindu kush.

As a result, “genuine” Hindu Kush may not be widely available in the Western Hemisphere. Over time, Hindu Kush has, possibly inescapably, been crossed with other strains to allow for stability and adaption. This is for a dramatically different climate than its mountainous point of origin. However, Hindu Kush is a reasonably pure strain, more straightforward and frequently more potent than the novelty crossbreeds that are always proliferating in today’s cutthroat cannabis market. It is highly valued for both its very resinous blooms and its strongly sedative, nearly narcotic effects.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Large, grouped green buds that stay together due to their extraordinarily sticky nature are what distinguish Hindu Kush. Large quantities of plant pigments known as anthocyanins are activated by cold weather during the vegetative stage. Some phenotypes contain hues of purple in the leaves. Hindu Kush may have been one of the first strains used to make hash. The tightly packed blooms are known for their resin and are heavily covered in silver-white trichomes. purple hindu kush

This strain has a highly rich aroma that is at once sweet and musky and reminiscent of spices, sandalwood, pine, and moist earth. When flowers are burned and smoked, the musky smell becomes more pronounced. The resulting smoke is acrid and causes coughing; it has a somewhat pine-like flavor when inhaled.


The high from Hindu Kush gradually builds up from a feeling of physical relaxation to a state of mental fogginess. The limbs and head will feel heavy, and users may not feel like being particularly active. Couchlock is a state in which users may have ideas or intentions of getting up to do a task but will instead choose to do nothing. This immobility can free the mind to engage in sluggish reflection and wandering creative thought.

There may also be some psychedelic side effects like visual distortions and odd tactile sensations. Hindu Kush is not advised for use during the afternoon because of its large body stone. Instead, it is effective as a nausea remedy, a chronic pain numbing agent, and a stress and anxiety reliever. Negative side effects might include dizziness and paranoia along with dry mouth and eyes. A few users have also mentioned feeling anxious after using this strain in higher amounts. Large enough doses of Hindu Kush can induce sleep, making it especially beneficial for people who suffer from insomnia.


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