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About Y2K

The potent Purple Urkle S1(The THC content of Purple Urkle is higher than usual.)  X Planet Dosi strains were crossed to produce the evenly balanced hybrid strain known as Y2K. Which contains 50% indica and 50% sativa. Y2K is a popular selection on Leafly’s Strain of Summer 2022 list. It has a staggeringly high potency level and relaxing, sleepy effects. The effects will keep you feeling relaxed for hours on end. With this bud, you’ll initially experience a sense of joyful focus that slams into your forehead and between your eyes with a laser-sharp clarity. But don’t bank on it lasting very long. It will soon lose its intensity and you will become completely stoned. The euphoria is completed by a sedative body stone, which settles into your body and renders you physically immobile until you finally nod off.

With these effects and a super high average THC content of 30–34%, Y2K is frequently used to treat a range of ailments. These aliments include insomnia, nausea or appetite loss, melancholy, chronic stress, and anxiety. The grape candy flavor of this bus is sweet and delicious, and the exhale is softly creamy. Additionally, the aroma has a thick, gassy, fruity, and creamy undertone that remains long after your last puff. With thin orange hairs, small white crystal trichomes, and dense, heart shaped.  Y2K buds are a dense variety with strong purple overtones and emerald-green nugs.


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