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History and genetics of the Sour Tangie

A sativa-dominant hybrid with two well-known parents, Sour Tangie. It was developed by renowned cannabis breeders DNA Genetics and is a hybrid between Tangie and East Coast Sour Diesel, two popular strains. The strain has a strong citrus flavor characteristic in addition to effects that are intellectually focused. The THC concentration of Sour Tangie has been estimated to range from 15% to an outrageous 30%. sour tangie strain

Look, smell, and taste.

With larger-than-average, phenotypically variable buds that range in shape from long and cylindrical to short and tapered, Sour Tangie immediately attracts attention. They feature long, wispy leaves and a structure that is typical of sativas: loose and fluffy. With vibrant orange pistils running through them, these leaves are a patchwork of dark and vivid green. These amazing blooms are covered in white trichomes that are cloudy in appearance and make them extremely sticky to the touch. Without a grinder, they are challenging to separate. sour tangie strain

When Sour Tangie blossoms are initially examined, some fruity, citrus scents may be detected. A second whiff may reveal a powerful diesel aroma that was inherited from the parent strain ECSD. These leafy blooms might smell more hashy and sandalwood-like when ground up or dissected. Unsurprisingly, Sour Tangie burns with a smoke that is sour, but yet smooth and gentle on the lungs. This aromatic smoke has a spicy, orange-tinged flavor that lingers after inhalation.


The high from Sour Tangie sets in rather rapidly compared to other primarily sativa strains. The first symptoms of the strain’s activity are a head rush accompanied by an accelerated pulse at the temples and perhaps some flushing of the cheeks. Within minutes, these strange sensations subside, and users enter a high state of consciousness characterized by heightened mental acuity.



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