Strawberry Banana Cake Live Rosin


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Strawberry Banana Cake Live Rosin

Cake’s Strawberry Banana Live Rosin Sauce is a delectable dab. But it is a hybrid concentrate made from extraordinary genetics that captures the strength and character of the Strawberry Banana strain, which DNA Genetics developed in the beginning. So, this sauce is a result of a complex hybrid between Crockett’s Banana Kush and a strawberry Bubblegum genotype. It has a distinctively sweet and smooth flavor with a candied banana finish.


About this strawberry banana strain

A section of DNA Genetics called Reserva Privada, which bred the animal in Amsterdam, The mother of Strawberry Banana, popularly known as Strawnana, is a female Banana Kush from Crockett Family Farms who was mated with a male Bubblegum chosen from a pack of seeds created by Serious Seeds.

The outcome is a frosty, resinous bud that grows remarkably quickly in almost any setting, both indoors and outdoors.

The variety has received numerous honors, including first place for sativa flowers at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup and first place for judges’ choice at the 2016 Cannabis Cup Brazil.

Top reported strain effects

  • Relaxed

  • Happy

  • Talkative

Top reported strain flavors

  • Strawberry

  • Earthy

  • Sweet


In contrast to other extracts like shatter and wax, live rosin is a powerful, amber-colored material. Because it is a solventless concentrate, no chemical solvents were used in its extraction, unlike those in other cannabis concentrates. Many cannabis users who care about their health are drawn to this lack of chemical solvents.


As compared to other cannabis rosin products, “live” rosin has a higher terpene content, which results in a more distinctive high. The extraction method is what differentiates living rosin from cured or floral rosin.


Pressing our highest-quality bubble hash under low heat and pressure yields live rosin. But this technique allows us to instantly extract a strong resinous sap from the hash. The plant material extrudes this thick, sticky oil without the need for extra cleaning or chemical treatment. Because the finished product captures the living terpene profile of the cannabis plant, it is much tastier and purer than conventional rosin. So, when live rosin is expertly made from the right ingredients, the finished product can compete with the best solvent-based cannabis extracts. And depending on how the rosin is prepared, the final consistency will change. So, in order to get the desired consistency, a number of factors can be adjusted once the rosin is pressed. But the consistency of a “badder” style, for instance, is produced by a “cold cure” finish.

WHAT DOES LIVE ROSIN TASTE LIKE? strawberry banana strain

The quality of the raw material has a direct impact on how live rosin tastes. So, when a higher-quality hash is pressed under the right conditions, the result will accurately reproduce the flavor and scent of the living plant in the hours before harvest. But a lower grade output product will be produced if a lower quality hash is used.


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