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History and genetics of strawberry cough

To try Strawberry Cough, you must have courage. This 80/20 sativa-leaning behemoth, with a THC potency of up to 18%, wasn’t given its moniker lightly; it will make you cough uncontrollably. While its exact origin is unknown, we do know that Kyle Kushman’s Erdbeer or Original Haze and an indica were likely the parents of Strawberry Cough. The cannabis seeds, according to mythology, came from a plant that was growing in a strawberry field on the East coast of the United States (possibly in Vermont somewhere). Strawberry Cough is the outcome, a strain that will make you feel sociable and energized before you’ve even finished your hit.

Aesthetics, Aroma, and Flavor

The buds are small, but they’re dense and potent, covered in red hairs and drenched in crystal trichomes. They resemble miniature strawberries. Unlike most cannabis plants, Strawberry Cough has one dominant mega-lady in its terpene mix: the seductive Alpha-Pinene. strawberry cough strain
This terpene embodies the spirit of the outdoors, imparting the scent found in coniferous plants such as mountain pines. Strawberry Cough is drenched in this outdoorsy aroma, which is both relaxing and exciting.


The strain gives you a calming, peaceful high while burning heavy and smokey. Strawberry Cough goes well with reading, learning, and people-watching. This is an excellent strain to use if you need the cheerful, imaginative energy you need to keep working on hobbies or artistic endeavors. With a hint of skunk, the flavor is delicious. And this strain will have you grinning with a bit of cerebral sensation.

With a dosage of Strawberry Cough, you can beat increased stress to a pulp with a spicy, fruity stench. You can use this strain to ironically inhale a cough to treat pain and exhaustion, treat mood disorders like manic depression and ADD, and boost your appetite in the drowsy afternoons (only good things – we promise).


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