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About super boof strain

super boof strain is a zingy cannabis hybrid created by mating Tropicana Cookies and Black Cherry Punch. It shares its parents’ large, dark-green buds with a moist appearance and silver calyxes. Super Boof is said to have extremely calming and giddy effects. Consumers claim that this strain gives them an upbeat, imaginative, and concentrated feeling. Patients who use medical marijuana claim to purchase Super Boof to treat their sadness, fibromyalgia, and digestive issues. Super Boof typically has THC levels of 28%. Myrcene, which translates to earthy and cherry overtones, is the most prevalent terpene. Blockhead of California created the Super Boof variety and gave it the name “Blockberry.” Superboof is the name of the variety that grower Mobile Jay chose.


Although it has a relaxing effect, Super Boof is not always sedative. It’s the kind of strain that, if anything, makes the day go more smoothly for me. Super Boof tokes melt anxiety in their path while enhancing wit and inventiveness. Keep the bowls metered to prevent comedown. But if you get too close to your threshold, the high will err toward physical relaxation.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavor

Super Boof’s buds typically resemble mitts and fists and are average in length and density. The calyxes range in color from lime green to moss green, but occasionally purple patches and trichomes with a milky coating can cause Super Boof to appear darker. My nose quickly becomes stretched out by sweet fragrances, leaving my nostrils open to scents of overripe melon and tart apples. I also pick up on undertones of stinky cheese and honey after getting used to the fruity explosion, with a dank, gassy finish. Super Boof is a great fusion of funk, sweetness, and dank marijuana with a faint gassy undertone. Melon and cheese come through first, followed by an earthy cherry-pit flavor.


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