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Thai Stick

The term “Thai” refers to a cannabis strain that originated in Thailand and was introduced to the United States in the 1970s and 1980s. thai stick

Thai Stick is a naturally occurring landrace sativa, devoid of any modifications or crossbreeding, in contrast to the bulk of marijuana products on the market. Thai Stick, though formerly synonymous with power, has since been outdone in strength by contemporary hybrid strains. With THC levels typically ranging between 15 and 18 percent and little to no CBD. Because its buds are typically dried and wrapped into long sticks. This pure sativa landrace is frequently referred marijuana as “Thai Sticks.” Many of the strains we frequently find on the market today, such as Voodoo, Juicy Fruit, and the traditional Haze, have their origins in this original Thai variety. Thai has a unique fruity, citrus fragrance and has potent but relaxing effects.


This high has a gradual beginning and ebbs and flows throughout the event, filling you with a sense of bliss. You’ll start to etch out your concentration after a protracted buildup, and you might find yourself bursting with inspiration. This talkative bud will be your next go-to if you are the gregarious kind because of its capacity to keep the user euphoric and chatty for hours.

Although this is usually a higher level high, your body will be relaxed the entire time. There are several reasons why Thai Sticks is a fantastic medical strain. In particular, it is a great strain for conditions like depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and ADHD that affect the mind and mood.

Anyone who experiences moderate to severe anxiety should avoid it because it tends to raise heart rate and concentration. Both of which can occasionally aggravate symptoms. It is advantageous to those who experience hunger loss and lack of concentration because it is a stimulant. The energy offered helps with modest sleep disturbances and persistent weariness.

THC : 15 – 18%

CBD : 0,50 – 1 %


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