This is a clean, not-to-strong Indica-dominant hybrid that’s ideal for beginners or those with low tolerance. Head high is very mild, just a pleasantly happy feeling that is not buzzy or psychoactive. The body high is gentle, a soothing relaxation that settles into the body and limbs, with no couch-lock or sedation. Perfect for alleviating stress, anxiety, and mild pain conditions.


obtk strain

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Concerning This Hybrid Strain

A mellow indica-dominant strain with its name derived from its ancestry, OBTK #4. The OBTK stands for “Orange Blossom Trail” combined with “Triangle Kush,” and the #4 refers to its phenotypic number. It is a cross between Triangle Kush and Orange Blossom Trail (also known as The White).

While OBTK #4 tends to taste earthy like fresh dirt, its aroma is comparable to that of cloves and pepper.

The gentle and pleasant effects of this strain, which frequently produce a calming sensation that travels through the body and helps to purge the mind of negativity, have occasionally led new users to become devotees of it. Some people have used it to manage minor pain, anxiety, and tension.

Flowers have a pleasing profusion of orange hairs with a light dusting of trichomes, and they are light green and nicely thick. Hashy pine is the predominant scent, and the smoke has a very classic funk flavor.

20–24% THC on average, with a strong Indica impact The head high is light and non-psychoactive; it’s a pleasant and upbeat journey into a joyful state of mind. Your body sinks into a comforting heaviness during the body high, which has the evident capacity to relieve aches and pains. There is a slight push toward tiredness. The strain works best for treating stress, anxiety, pain, headaches, inflammation, arthritis, exhaustion, and insomnia.

Cultivator: DGF
Flavor: Earthy, cloves, pepper, fruity, pungent
Effects: Relaxation, analgesic
Activities: Recreation, socializing, light work, or physical activity
Medical Conditions: Stress, anxiety, mild pain


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