Trips Ahoy Cookies THC Edibles


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Trips Ahoy Cookies THC Edibles

ROAD TRIP! Chocolate chip cookies with hemp flavoring are the treat your taste buds have been craving. Every cookie is painstakingly made and baked to give just the right amount of crunch and kick. But there are a ton of real chocolate chips in these crunchy chocolate chip biscuits. So, select whether to have CBD or Delta 8 THC put into your cookies. Trips Ahoy comes in packages of 2 cookies, each weighing 500 MG. Enjoy the familiar flavor of these traditional cookies because they are sure to become a family favorite. And that include Mary Jane’s Bakery Co. to spice up your meals at work or school.

Grab a pack of TRIPS AHOY! chocolate chip cookies to prepare for an event or celebration. Whatever the occasion, these hemp-infused cookies bring vitality to any straightforward treat or dessert. So, this cookie package is simple to open and close for convenient storage thanks to the vacuum-sealed tab.

TRIPS AHOY, one (1) count, package Delta 8 THC or CBD options are available for the original hemp-infused chocolate chip cookies.
500 mg of either THC or CBD oil per package
-Snack biscuits that are stuffed with actual chocolate chips
The ideal amount of crunch is achieved through baking.
-Perfect for sharing with friends and family or eating on your own because it’s delicious. Enjoy these TRIPS cookies as a treat at school, work, or home.
These Chips Ahoy cookies are great for eating at work, school, or home. They’re also great to enjoy on your own or to share with loved ones.


Trips Ahoy Cookies THC Edibles



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