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This particular pheno from Chemdog, a High-Times Cannabis Cup winner for its cherished flavor eruption from the Grapefruit and Grape Ape lineage, smells like inhaling a strong dose of delicious sugar candies. To the traditional indica-hybrid blooms exploding with dark greens, purple, and orange pyrotechnics, there are lots of colorful berries and sour-sweet stink. The body high meets mental sparks in this magnificent flower that smokes gorgeously with a side dish of time flowing at unusual rates of speed. It is cool and smooth on the burn. Buy watermelon zkittlez strain online.

Grape Ape and Grapefruit are its ancestors.

Tropical fruit and tart, lemon-flavored candy on the palate.

EFFECT: Quick onset, enhanced visual and aural atmospherics for a disorienting time-warp full-being high with deceptive mental clarity.

TERPENES: 1.19%. LIGATURE: Linalool, b-Caryophyllene, d-Limonene, and a-Humulene

“I’d say that 85% of the Chemdog products on the market aren’t truly what they’re advertised to be. To market it, they’re only slapping a label on it. Many of the strains, I can smell and tell right away that this isn’t it. They only employ the name.

I won’t name names, but there are now a few well-known celebrity companies that are claiming to sell Chemdog, but they aren’t. — Chemdog in an interview with Cannabis & Tech Today, published here in its Spring 2021 issue.

An in-depth analysis of the Zkittlez strain

You will undoubtedly discover something to adore about the Zkittlez strain. It is sugary-sweet, a toss-up between intellectual and physical, and simply intriguing in appearance. It would be difficult to find a review of the Zkittlez strain that didn’t discuss how the sweetness slipped across your tongue and how the fast-acting effects were difficult to forget. Here is a close-up of the Zkittlez variety.

Genetics of the Zkittlez Strain

Zkittlez was undoubtedly developed with flavor in mind; its two parents, Grapefruit and Grape Ape, are both renowned for having outstanding flavors. With the Zkittlez strain, you get a potent combination of candy-like flavors and a cerebral high that spills over into physical sensations.


Caryophyllene is the predominant terpene in Zkittlez, but you wouldn’t know it from the overwhelming sweetness of the flavor or the sweet aroma. This strain’s distinct aroma of delicious berries and sugar-coated candies is one of the reasons it earned its moniker. Of course, the finish has that unmistakable stink that is difficult to overlook. watermelon zkittlez strain


Zkittlez has a speedy and somewhat psychedelic onset but gives a mental enhancement that is nearly illusive and induces a profound level of focus. Even when completely at ease, you can’t help but be aware of your own thoughts and surroundings. Because of this, Zkittlez is a popular among people who enjoy using cannabis for imaginative purposes. After a few minutes, don’t be shocked if you feel completely inspired and prepared to do something incredible. Also, as time disappears, don’t be surprised if one brilliant idea keeps you focused for hours.

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