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Packwoods  – Super Skunk weed preroll

One of the many cannabis strains with genetics from the notorious Skunk #1 cultivar that Sam Skunk guy and his team at Sacred Seeds offered to the cannabis industry is Super Skunk. Skunk Man allegedly took his seeds to the Netherlands. After several generations of stability, where they eventually ended up in the Sensi Seeds catalog. Online sources claim that Super Skunk is one of many hybrids produced when Skunk #1 and an Afghani landrace strain were crossed. And it did produce a “super” variation of the original Skunk. weed preroll

This not-for-beginners. Skunk lover’s hybrid offers happy and potently sedative don’t stay too far from the sofa. But has a physically calming effects with its recognizable sweet, skunk-y fragrance and flavor.

About Packwoods

Packwoods are pre-rolled, tobacco-free blunts. It contains 2 grams of top-shelf flower, 1 gram of quality wax, and are then covered in kief after being soaked in hash oil. A powerful hybrid strain called Blue is distinguished by the scent of diesel. This powerful mixture will relax every muscle in your body and leave you feeling euphoric and cheerful.

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